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IT Specialists

In response to the need of employers to fill critical shortages in the software industry, the Government of Canada has streamlined the entry of Information Technology (IT) workers. Those workers whose skills are in high demand in the software industry are subject to a facilitated entry program.

Under normal circumstances, a foreign worker who wishes to work in Canada requires a work permit from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and a job offer validated by a local Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) office. With the IT program, the need for HRSDC validation is eliminated. This facilitated process is strictly targeted at workers entering the software sector on a temporary basis. It does not apply to individuals seeking permanent resident status in Canada.

To be eligible for a work permit under the IT worker program, the employment must fit one of these occupations:

For workers who have received employment offers in the Province of Quebec, they will still be required to obtain a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) from the Minister of Relations with Citizens and Immigration of Quebec (MRCI) and this process is facilitated as well under the IT program.

Please submit an inquiry if you are a Canadian IT employer wishing to hire a foreign worker, or if you are a foreign worker with a job offer matching one of the above occupations.

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