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Foreign Businesses

Campbell Cohen assists businesses of all sizes in solving their immigration related human resource issues. Our team of lawyers and Canada work permit specialists will help you navigate through the process of obtaining the necessary work permits for any number of employees and/or establishing your business in Canada. We have years of experience in the immigration field and a thorough knowledge of all federal and provincial government programs currently available to facilitate foreign businesses in establishing their presence in Canada and transfer workers to their Canadian affiliates.

In today's global market, companies are no longer bound by borders. In order to remain competitive, they must be able to quickly and efficiently relocate skilled professionals.

Setting up a new business in Canada represents an exciting opportunity for foreign businesses, investors and entrepreneurs to tap into our exciting and lucrative marketplace. What’s more, in KPMG's 2004 Competitive Alternatives study, Canada was found to be the least costly place to do business amongst G7 nations.

Please submit your inquiry regarding setting up a Canadian business and/or transferring employees to Canada by completing our short form. We will immediately respond with an evaluation of your needs.

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